MY Tactical Force
Tag: [MTF] Fans: 28 Created: 2011-11-04

Platoon Presentation

Platoon created for any Battlefield 3 player who want to join for tactical teamplay.

Feel free to join and play alongside us. Skype app is currently used for voice comm, it would be nice if you have one installed.

There is no condition to join this platoon, but you MUST FIRST BE A FRIEND TO ANY MTF LEADER IN BATTLELOG before joining MTF. Currently this platoon comprises of people from Malaysia, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Thailand.

We care less about your stats or whoever you are. What we want is for you to PTFO and be a good teamplayer and squadmate.
We can assure you that once you become the member, PTFO will be your first priority.

Join us if you are interested, make sure your platoon list is not yet full before applying.
See you in Battlefield THREE!

Be tactical. Be organized.

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