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welcome to the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) clan! FMJ- Bravo is the platoon of FMJ deticated to all the players of Battlefield 3 who are frequent players of the support class or just simply interested in learning and/or teaching new things in the support class to help fellow FMJ menbers unlock new weapons as well as be there to provide ammunition, lay out c4, claymores, and provide cover fire utilizing the support classes weapons such as the M249, PkP Pecheneg,M240B, M60E4, type 88 LMG and M224 Mortar to fellow FMJ and all other teammates. Remember that joining the Bravo platoon does not limit you to play strictly support class, but is just what you find fun and interesting to play. if you have any questions, feel free to message me. I frequently use the palystation network so if you decide to find me there my user name is SmilesOfDeath32.

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