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Platoon Presentation

[About us]
SyNergy is a clan founded on 7 fundamentals

6. Loyalty  
7. Active  

** Willingness to convert to DUST 514 **

The purpose of THIS platoon is for those who are serious about joining the SyNergy family but don't quite meet the standards of the Main Platoon/clan.

This is where u apply to join and have a solid group of players to work with and improve as a group till u are ready to graduate to the main competitive clan.

academy isn't for scrubs either, if you're not a dedicated pilot and dont meet the high standards of the main platoon but willing to get better and serious about joining apply for academy and register on website. U shouldn't have a kd below 1.4 and SPM below 350 spm if ur applying for academy, looking for ppl with potential to get better and/or dedicated pilots.

I have players within the main platoon who originally weren't 1.7+ kd and 500+ spm but because they had potential they got better over time or i should say rather quickly after playing with a solid group of players and that's what academy is for.

Bear in mind that you can and probably will be drafted into scrims, practice sessions etc to test those who we see showing improvement.

[Specialty roles]
- Jet Pilots
- Chopper Pilots
- Tankers
- Aggressive Recon

We are also looking to expand specifically in these key areas. If u feel u fit the bill of a specialized role apply to the Academy if your stats don't meet the main platoon requirements and our guys who specialize in these roles will put u to the test.

[Main Platoon Requirements]
- 2.0+ kdr
- 500+ spm
- rank 37+ [must have all the squad perks]

PS: remember if u are one of the specialized roles mentioned above and GOOD then let us know and there is a chance u can get into the main platoon if you're a little short of the main requirements

[Main Platoon]



Academy players register on the website and post here when u do, u will be given academy "tags" on site. Also be active on the website when u can to feel more apart of the clan and keep up to date and get in games with peeps from the main platoon


When u get accepted into the platoon the job isnt done yet u have to go on the clan website @ and register and submit and application when u are done. Once submitted u will be given academy access on the forums.

DO NOT just submit and never check back we do not use battlelog for anything other than minor updates, we have a fully functional website with forums and chat room and thats what we use.

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