Ministry of Death
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Welcome to the Ministry of Death, one of the oldest gaming clans in the world - conspired in 1996 and started in January, 1997.

The MoD platoon is only for MoD clan members. You are free to become a fan, if you like us... but please don't be annoyed when applications to join the platoon are rejected. MoD members are chosen due to their personality, more than their gaming skill (although it helps if that's there, too) and recruitment requires a consensus with existing members.

Long-time members often stay in contact, even when their gaming days come to an end. For the most-part, MoD's history has been as an inactive collection of gamers and ex-gamers.

In Battlefield 3, MoD has a collection of old and new faces, remaining a clan that likes to have fun, without taking itself seriously in any way shape or form, whatsoever. :)

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