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Platoon Presentation

Requirements to join..
-GET the 'Like a Boss' or 'Complete Warrior' Trophies, and let us know when you get one so we can all celebrate how BOSS you really are.

-Be a team player, if we need help lazing a target don't just wait for someone else to do it let us know you're the guy for the job.

-No K/D or SPM req., all applicants must play with and be approved by at least two Generals, AND the founder KPAC (Cotton, Ichigo, Lint, that fag Pasta, or the man who never shuts up- PineKnight)

This Platoon was put together to play with friends, that being said WE WILL DO CLAN BATTLES.

Setting up a Clan Battle
-Add a member or leader of the opposing clan
-Squad up with the opposing clan and a leader of theirs, and ours.
-At most 4 people: the player you friended, a leader of the opposing platoon, yourself, w/ Cotton, Ichigo, or Lint.
-There you will discuss the terms and conditions, as well as set up a time and place. NO SAME DAY BATTLES.
-At least 24 hour notice for a clan battle
-Finally post something here letting everyone know when and where the battle will be
-Also Xman's mom has got it going on

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