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Platoon Presentation

DarkSoldiers is a mature gaming community that gets together and play the games we love.
We are looking for more members to join our squad and be part of the clan. We don't care if your a skilled or new player, we play for fun, but you must be able to work as a team.

Come and have a look around the site. If you like what you see and feel that you would fit in with the DarkSoldiers community then why not fill in our application form to join the team,
or simply register to become a public member and be part of our community discussing topics from games to pc hardware.

We are a friendly clan and will try to assist with any questions you may have.
Currently there is an age limit of 18+ for new team members.


You are 18+
You don't cheat or hack. (We will do a check!!
Stay active in the community.
Must have a sense of humor.

We also offer

BF3 Game Servers.
Teamspeak 3
Opportunity to enter matches and scrims
Platoon vs Platoon scrims

Our teamspeak address is darksoldiers.teamspeak3.com:7313


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