Armed Farces Intl.
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The Armed Farces International is a special interest group from Gunslinger Gaming.
The members of the Special Farces hail from different countries, speak different languages, and may have a different approach to properly enjoying a cucumber.

*Therefore we ask you to keep your GS tag.

Should you have a second persona and wish to sport the Farz tag you are welcome to do so.

The gunslingers is an international community of adult, casual players.
We play with a purpose and for fun.

If you want to apply to the gunslingers, make sure you read the Clan's guidelines.

Having fun, and very loud laughs is compulsory for the FarZ.

In order to be considered a SpecFarZ, you must fulfill these criteria:

1- Be an active member of the GS, and be in one of the three platoons.
2- Play with prank, elegance, and fairness.
3- Put a U.S. $1 hit for a GS member's tags other than the SpecFarZ, and yourself.
4- Be rspectful of your enemy, never more than 20 tea bag squats per kill, or 50 (Yes fifty) cucumber slidz.
5- No boosting, cheating, exploiting, switching teams before round ends, intentional team killing (Unless previously stated).
6- Race, culture, religion, politics, general preferences, and favorite beer derogative comments are strictly forbidden.
7- Respect the Spawn Area and Fair Gaming policies.


We will try to keep a server up and running. Now you have more options, as there is now a GS server as well ;)

However, take note that we will be observing more limitations:

1- No frag rounds, whatsoever.
2- No spawn camping, if a flag is too close to a spawn area, give the OpFor the classic SpecFarz courtesy and let them play.
3- No MAV riding.

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