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Platoon Presentation

This is a team I am starting up for the main purpose of going for the Virgin Gaming tournament. Please understand that I am not recruiting just anyone. If I sent you a friend request and a platoon invite, its because I know that you are the best of the best at what it is that you do. I know I am low rank, but I specialize in choppers, gunning in particular. I am in the top 40 and my pilot is in the top 30. And yes, we are conquest pilots. This platoon does not allow rush whores for jet pilots. So with all this being said. I hope I persuaded you a little more. And if you join (who ever is reading this at the time) maybe you can help me persuade other top players in the world to join.. Remember, Virgin tournament is worth 1.6 mill $. Think on that as well.

Currently recruiting two dominant jet pilots as well as a few dominant tankers.

If you are interested, contact me, I Se7eNzS1Nz I or ll DeV1ouS ll

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