Power Kush Kings
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Platoon Presentation

~~Power KUSH Kings~~ are eager service members that are ready and prepared to fight at any given time. We are highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and various weapons systems.

Team work and communication are essential to our success. *English speaking members are a must as that is the language we prefer. We are not big on stats and K/D ratio; that will come with time and experience. Headsets or Blutooth are REQUIRED.

A Change of clan tag to KUSH after acceptance or changing tag to KUSH when running with fellow members is required as well (NO Exceptions) We understand that some might be a part of multiple clans but we want our members to wear KUSH with pride!

Our leadership comes from how well you interact with fellow members and how often you run with other members as well. It's that simple fellas!

So if you want members to run with you then KUSH is for you!

We are ready to take the fight to the enemy as a unit are you?

~~Elite KuSh Kings~~
Do you think you are an Elite player? Check out our elite clan, Elite KuSh Kings to see if you qualify as one of the greatest gamers on Battlefield 3.

KUSH get high and LAY IT DOWN

~~Clan Matches~~
To schedule a clan match contact bcrews65!

NOTE: This is a 18+ platoon no exceptions

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