Exiled Veterans
Tag: [EV] Fans: 58 Created: 2012-03-20

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Exiled Veterans is a full fledged competitive clan. The clan was formed back in 2011 when 4 friends were playing Battlefield at a casual level and decide to give playing at a competitive level a go. The clan has progressed through the years and has been growing stronger. Despite being a small clan in the asian competitive scene , Exiled Veterans is trying its best to climb the ranks in the scene.
We only recruit members in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
Do apply if you're interested in being competitive.


What do I need to join Exiled Veterans?

1 ) You would have to have a microphone and join our TeamSpeak server frequently.

2 ) You would need to only have " Exiled Veterans " under your platoon lists. (Note : Fanclubs and Groups are acceptable)

3 ) Being able to converse in English

4 ) Bear the [EV] tag once you have joined the clan


What would result in a kick from the platoon ?

1 ) Not being able to listen to instructions
2 ) Not being active on TeamSpeak
3 ) Having too much ego or attitude
4 ) Attend in a minimum 2 scrim sessions in a week (Unless you have a valid
reason to skip training)

TeamSpeak Server IP :

Do poke one of us to give you rights to enter our channels.

Our Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/ExiledVeterans



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