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So why join this platoon in particular? Well for starters its a platoon for those of us who play the game to enjoy the game! Most of us are just ordinary guys who enjoy BF3, we all come from different walks of life and from across the globe some are military some are soldiers of fortune and some are just everyday gamers. We aren't the type to dictate functions and such within the platoon and if we can get enough members together we will start clan matches. The idea is to have a bunch of friends who just enjoy playing a game. And working together to dominate Battlefield. We aren't ubber serious gamers, and enjoy razing each other. More importantly we are looking for all play styles, experience, and skill. If you enjoy BF3 and want to play with friends who enjoy it as well then drop a line and introduce yourself.
"We aren't always open..... but, we are always doing business!" Boondock Saints.
But here is what it boils down to if any of these apply to you then you have found your platoon:
* Found yourself wondering why your IR flares don't work when you realize your squeezing the right trigger
* Ran like hell from your spawn only to realize that your running to the wrong objective
* selected your class to sniper and crawled half way across the map to your favorite sniper spot only to realize you have a USAS.
* Lose your ever loving mind when you are backed into your spawn and start trying to get creative with your M320?
* tired of one group of people coming into a game only to hog the vehicles.
* Want to be with a group who has your back and have a dedicated server where Members of this platoon can set up their own map packs and have a say so on the server.
If any of these are true to you then drop a line and we will be happy to welcome you as a Creeper.

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