BattleField 3 Kings
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Platoon Presentation

We are the BattleField 3 Kings! If you are looking for a platoon to call home, you just might have found the right place.

1. All players MUST have a mic.
2. Players must attend posted platoon practices and platoon battles.
3. Players must be at least rank 37 to join.
4. Players must pass our recruiting test.

Our recruiting test consists of 3 co-op missions back to back on hard difficulty, followed by a multiplayer assessment test.

Additionally, any member inactive in the platoon for more than a month without notice will be kicked.

Job positions:
Recruiting: Rabbitman4427, Shift566, and Waterfront11
Platoon Training Coordinator: NOOBSLAYER350
Assault Specialist: foxypancakes
Engineer Specialist: shift566b
Support Specialist: Available
Recon Specialist: Blur2010
Ground Support Leader: NOOBSLAYER350
Air Support Leader: Nightstalker1813

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