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Tag: [WOLF] Fans: 6 Created: 2012-04-06

Platoon Presentation

Wolf Pack moves as one.
Mic / team players prefered. Otherwise has to be active on this platoon page on battlelog and on our combined forum. Have to add each other on PSN, forum and battelog so that we can jump into matches together.

There are no specific stat requirements. This platoon has been created in order to help you improve (both individually and as part of a squad/team) and whilst doing so to have fun!

Mainly conquest to make use of vehicles, however WOLF's will play all maps/ all games types.

EU and UK players only. Will mainly be playing GMT however from September on wards will also be playing EST.
No kids, consistent Ragers, Homophobes or Racists.
Friendly, communicative and mature players only.

Please invite friends to apply

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