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Do Not Resuscitate [DNR] founded in 2008

DNR's New Recruit Platoon is the second step in the process of officially becoming a member of DNR.

~ 5th MARINES - 2nd BATTALION ~ God will judge our enemies, we just arrange the meeting. So come get some bitches!

Welcome to our playground (DNR's private server) or as we so affectionately call it the House of Doom. If you dare to challenge us...heed this warning, " bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good-bye, cause were comin' for you".

DNR was formed to ensure that all of its members could participate no matter what level player they are, so that they could experience gaming to its fullest and still have fun. Your qualifications to be a member are simple; you must like to have fun and are respectful of others. We also have a competitive spirit and are registered on Gamebattles.com where we participate in team ladders.

Membership Requirements:
~ Dedication
~ Hard work
~ Discipline
~ Relentless and unwavering desire to be the best
~ Consummate team player

Please note that memberships are by invitation only. It is a privilege and can be revoked at any time.

Motto: "Retreat Hell, We're here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, WE'RE ALL OUT OF BUBBLE GUM!"

Visit our clan website: freewebs.com/donotresuscitate ~ Team and Individual stats are updated weekly!

Also visit our Battlefield 3 Platoon website http://donotresuscitate.yolasite.com

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