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[B]About International Task Force

I.T.F is a mature military realism Battlefield 3 squad. We’re doing something different with the Battlefield experience and we can guarantee that what our squad has to offer can’t be found anywhere else.

I.T.F’s uses fully customized TeamSpeak 3 server that features an icon system that displays a squad member’s country, rank, squad medals achieved and training sessions completed. Hands down, ITF has the best TeamSpeak any squad has to offer. Stop by our TeamSpeak 3 server to find out more about us. No matter what time of day it is, there’s almost always someone online! You can download a free.

TeamSpeak 3 client:
ITF TeamSpeak IP:

I.T.F welcomes absolutely anyone and everyone to join our squad, no matter what your K/D ratio or skill level is, with only a few simple requirements. We are playing war games, so we enjoy fulfilling our roles and duties like real marines and sailors.


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