Total Domination Rush
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This platoon is dedicated to the Total Domination Rush Team.
This platoon IS recruiting at the moment so if you think that you can contribute to this platoon, please do APPLY!
1.) Microphone
2.) Active User
3.) Able to communicate
4.) Respects Members
5.) Good Attitude
6.) Change Dog Tag to "tDn"
tDn's official server: [tDn] Total Domination Rush
Total Domination is complete control over the Battlefield and watches over all of the enemy's escape routes.
The Battlefield is a simple board game of chess, it is made of a compromisable environment in which the enemy does not know your natural movements.
"We are not only a new breed of soldiers, we are Total Domination!"

Past tDn Rush/SQ Rush Victories:
4/08/2012 SQ Rush vs. CMPS --- tDn Wins 6-2
4/27/2012 Rush vs. CMPS --- tDn Wins 4-0
4/28/2012 Rush vs. SWAG --- tDn Wins 4-2
5/6/2012 Rush vs. THCG--- tDn Wins 3-1

Sq Rush Scrim vs NCR Thursday 9pm CST

Sq Rush Scrim vs FAME TBD

SQ Rush Scrim vs EWR TBD


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