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Brothers from all around the world!!! This squad is for fun play and we dont have to play everytime together. so lets kick some ass!!!!! (tag is optional) Founder,co-founder,leaders....... BULLSHIT!!!! We are all the same.

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  • JayRay1989 wrote on the wall for BROTHERS UNITED:
    im gonna be online 2moro afternoon killing bitches hope to see some of u brothers there!!!!
  • stevoprozac wrote on the wall for BROTHERS UNITED:
    Hi guys! If you're still active on BF3, please take the time to read this. Actually since I joined the clan I never got to play with any of you, and it's kind of stupid since I guess some of you does. Now who is actually really willing to play in team (I'm pretty active with bunch of friends here in switzerland) from time to time, mostly for fun so that I add you on the PSN...?
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    just-answer-me add me too, MAB_You-Dead, but since I moved to dorms in uni, I don't play often!! but during holidays... im with u guys!
    7 years ago
    JayRay1989 we miss u mab! u and ur funny voice settings lool
    7 years ago
  • skullsniper89 joined the platoon BROTHERS UNITED