Waffle Fortress
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Platoon Presentation

The most exclusive Battlefield 3/ Battlelog Platoon! WAFFLE FORTRESS! - Now accepting new players.


Apply to join the most mature, mic using platoon ever!

The preferred requirements
=Must be on regularly
=must have mic
=must follow orders of superiors
=must play the objective and follow in-game obj. even if it means a low skill and K/D ratio for the game.
=Rank does not matter skill and k/d does.
=Not a hater or constant whiner - he kills you so what ITS A GAME!!!
=Skill does matter to an extent 350 and up
=K/D matters to an extent 1.0+

Just because you have these does not mean you are in. Just because you don't does not mean you can't join we will make you better.

Play as the force of WAFFLES!!!!
Apply today!!! WAFFLES

Looking for:

>Vice President (Will take position of founder on battlelog and battlefield when founder is not here also is Internal Affairs Officer (IAO)) LEADER POSITION

>Tactician/Field General (Lead Practices, also able to assessed the battles mid game to switch strategies and to organzine the 3 squads into one fighting force. LEADER POSITION)

>Infantry Squad Leader (Can have three other waffles follow him/her into battle. Call out enemies for Air and tank force well. Can split a squad into 2 smaller squads for defense purposes and still be effected. Great team and squad comunication Will lead any ground forces (downed pilots /destroyed tank personal survivors, until new vehicle pickup arrives)(Leader Position)

>Armored Division Leader (Can organized all vehicles into the deadly waffle machine. Must be a good tank, Ifv, and jeep commander _ LEADER POSITION)

>Air Leader (Can fly well, may not be the best but makes up in new ways to trick and lose the enemy. Helps each member in the air and ground as best as possible_ LEADER POSITION)

>Squad players (may not get a leader position but will enjoy the ever so awesome brothers in waffles.) 3 infantry, Armored, and air players, and extras.


If you don't get a squad position for clan battles no worries we will make you better!

Spots are limited: platoon will only hold 24 total!!! no exceptions.

Just because you are in the Waffle Fortress Clan Battle Team or even in the Platoon does not mean you can't get kick.

Kicked from CB team
-Having bad Connection
-Leaves early
-Not on for practices
-Not caring
-Not following orders
-Saying crude remarks
-annoying other players
-interrupting intel and order relay for pointless comments ( OH MAN HE GOT ME, GOD D*** HE USING______, Etc.)
-Not playing the obj.
-Not understandable
-Does not switch specs. for squad
-Better players in platoon can and will take your spot. (EVEN LEADERS, EVEN ME) WE ARE HERE TO WIN!!!

Kicked from Platoon
-can be the same as above
-does not play with platoon on reg basis
-Not on
-Doesn't switch tags
-doesn't wish to get better
-whines and complains

Tryouts are based off this:
-First is k/d and most comfortable kit.
= 1 kit per infantry squad (2 assault (1 with med 1 with smoke rounds), 1 support, 1 engineer or recon depending on SC choice)
= Air Squad: Heli 1 recon or assault (pilot) 1 engineer (gunner) Jets pilots kits don't matter
= Arm. Squad: Drivers - support or recon (with soflam) gunners engineer.

-Good and accurate callouts
-Knows Maps
-Can Capture obj. with team
-Moves with squad
-No one man army stuff
-Can follow instructions
-Can use environment
-Can stay alive to help spawns
-Can tag enemies (back button)

You may passed this but the field general and squad commander you are applying for must agree

Can lose position to a player who both the FG and SC agrees on as a better choice.
Can win position back trough 2 tests which will be describe if needed.

Automatic CB players are the FG and 3 SCs VP and PM and Founder; however, anyone can be replaced and reassign, I the founder can be off the CB team (PM FG and SC vote)


Founder/President: TH3 ICEMAN = Responsible for matters brought forth by the VP and try-outs/position tests Only person who can kicked leaders, CB team players (after vote) and regular players who break the rules. Basically like a president...Just signs stuff off.
CB team - No (Not Until August 15. Will be doing tryouts and position tests everyday until May 18th and then wont be on till June 9 at which I will do try-outs and positions tests.)

PM (Platoon Manager): VALADEZ12 = In-charge of clan battles schedule and battlelog forum recruiting.
CB Team - Yes


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