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Now dormant - see new BF4 platoons -

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MoGZ of War - BF3 BF4 FIFA GTAV - PS3 PS4

The MoGZ of War - Mature GamerZ - clan for Adults playing Battlefield4 on PS3 and PS4 (also some BF3 FIFA and GTAV) - YOU MUST BE 25+ (or very close and mature) - Must use Headset

Recruitment closed unless you think you will contribute a lot to the group. 100 active members from USA CAN EU UK playing 24/7

As platoons have not yet launched on BF4 we will close recruitment through here and new members must join via website - most of our communication will be through website not battlelog

Our primary platoon - some people here have outstanding invites to it

Founded 2012.

Also playing FIFA 'mogzchester united' (founder elgreko) and GTA V
GTA founder: Jesse.

Pugnamus Animis Fides Pietasque
-We fight with Courage, Love and Loyalty-


We are now on BF4, PS3 and PS4 - we remained active on BF3 until its final week (and still have a few playing it), we did not go inactive, thats isnt our style. We do some competitive but our focus is as an active group getting mature players together, communicating and enjoying the beautiful game win or lose. On BF3 we'd get 24 people for in-clan 12vs12 events. On BF4 we've had 20 players on one server.

We expect ALL members to game with us regularly and wear our clan tag (MoGZ) when doing so. People who are not active will be kicked after a few weeks. While people may be in other platoons where they have friends or in non-serious platoons, MoGZ must be your main platoon.

We value the reputation of our clan. We welcome all people without predudice. No KD/SPM requirements.

We have zero tolerance on Racism, cheating, hacking, glitching for advantage and boosting. Treat others as you expect to be treated, with respect and decency.

(We do allow t-bagging and stealing each others tags for fun.)

Website - (you MUST register even if you then dont use it much)

We successfully ran several private servers on BF3 which were always well used and well respected. When available we will do the same on BF4.

There is a memberlist on forum where we track who is active, there are a number of leaders you must add and some more people recommended for your region - the more you add the quicker you get in game with us and meet others to add in game - put MoGz in subject of friend request.

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