Noob Punisher Inc.
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[NPI] Noob Punisher Inc
Code Of The Punisher
The Code of the punisher is that you must know how to kill your targets with precise accuracy. you mut know how to constantly streak in your kills. You must make sure to make 10 year olds cry on a daily basis. You must make sure to make your enemies eat bullets for eternity. You Must not show any mercy. You must show respect to the NPI name. You must show Respect to your fellow clan members. We Do this because We Are NPI, we are the Noob Punishers.

The Way To Join Us, And Our Cause To Own Noobs.
1. Player Must Have A Battlelog.
2. Player must Have a Back To Karkand DLC For Dogtag (Noob Punisher)
3.Player Must Join This Platoon.
4.Player Has a Choice to join facebook page. (Remember That is mainly for updates.)
5. Once Player is finished doing all of that they will Be come a NPI Member.

1. No Disrespect to other players as well as fellow NPI members admins and leaders.

2. Must Follow By The NPi name and Code of the Punisher as well as the rules. If not actions will be taken by the President And Vice Presidents Of the clan (Zekushion_14532, Aly_Acid, Undead_Killer13)

3. No trash talking other players (This is a clean community, the last thing we need is to have any drama between us and another person or clan.) The only way you can trash talk is keeping it in your squad only. DO NOT message the player you have a problem with.

4. Recording is allowed as long as the gameplay will end up on both Your and the NPI (Noob Punisher Inc) Channel on Youtube. (It will have all of the tags of who created it, as well as other things, if there are concerns just message any of us and let us know.)

There might be more things to come so make sure your updated with the battlelog. Welcome To the Corporation.

Update: We are having a large issue trying to keep the servers up, If you want to help out in anyway shape or form, at least donate $1 To help out the servers. Me and the other Co-leaders talked about it, if you send $25 we will make you an admin of a new server Right away. You have to let us know Your PSN Account, so we can put you down for that server. Not only that half of what you donate will be going to a charity so please help out You will be sending your money to a great cause. The PayPal You send it too is

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