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Platoon Presentation

If ur in FOXHOUND already its only for none clan matches that we can ply as a clan but only if ur in this platoon will you be able to ply vs other clans in clan wars if u wana get in u have 2 prove ur self.

foxhound elite only the best will get in. my main goal is to get into clan war gaming right now FXHD has a 24W/4L record i wana get as many clan war wins as we can but only by working together can this be done for those who join plz specify wat ur good at so i kno wat role ul be plying in the matches will have only taking in ppl Who have done something exceptional or they have mastered something like a class or vehicle and can be counted on as key plyers for victory in clan wars.
We need good jet pilots thats 1 thing we dnt have yet so if u kno any1 thay might wana join and is a good jet pilot let me kno.

Myself and SNA4EVER will be trying 2 set up the clan wars if u kno som1 that wants a war let us kno.
We need team plyers no 1 man army must have Mic and rember our goal is 2 dominate the other team NO MERCY!!!

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