Tactical Advantage
Tag: [Tac1] Fans: 16 Created: 2012-08-10

Platoon Presentation

Chain of Command:

- Platoon Leader: 2Real_From_Texas

- Platoon Co-Leader: Mike254k


If you want to join Tactical Advantage please join the Tac1 Recruitment Selection Platoon. Link is below.



Clan Motto:

Mind Over Muscle


Requirements to be eligable for Tactical Advantage selection:

- 1.5+ kd
- 400+ spm
- Have a clear,working microphone
- To be active on Battlelog and PSN
- To have a sense of dedication and commitment
- Be willing to follow leadership
- Be tactically inclined



1) Always listen to the Chain Of Command (Leader,Co-Leaders)

2) Be an active member of the clan

3) Show up to the Clan battle (CB) that you have been selected for or have volunteered for.

4) Respect other players (Even players that we battle against)

5) No abusive language. Racism and Discrimination is not tolerated in this clan and will lead to an instant kick from this Platoon!!!!

6) No Hacks/Mods or glitches which will give you an unfair advantage over your enemy.

7) Try to let a leader know if you are going to be unactive for a extended amount of time.

8) Don't be a bad winner or a Sore loser (No rage quiting)

and finally....

9) Take pride in wearing our clans tags. We love to see our members supporting and having faith that we will continually make our clan better until we are the best.

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