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(Update!) Wow this is old! I wrote this in early 2013 before I transitioned to PC. If anyone out there would like some 1 on 1 sessions send me a friend request on battlelog and we can try to schedule a time and date that works. I realize what is written below isn't even close to perfect, however i will not be editing it any longer and it is good enough. If anyone needs help further...feel free to friend me and chat me up.

Welcome to Project Aces!

Remember that BetterBattlelog (A Battlelog internet app) will allow you to click on posted video links in this tutorial, making things easier.

Are you sick and tired of all the elite jet pilots shooting you down and treating you like garbage? When you ask them questions do they simply reply "dude, like, just practice"? If not then stop reading now and click that back button. If yes then you know that most jet pilots are selfish pricks never passing along the knowledge they have in their possession in regards to using their instrument, the jet. Imagine how many musicians we as a people would have missed out on if no one taught the guitar or piano? That sounds like it would've been a pretty lame world to me. It is for this reason among others that I have made this tutorial on the jet, Please make sure that you practice and master this stuff so i have not wasted my time typing all this into the Project ACES description.

First off the is the cockpit. The speed is in the top left, the altitude is in the top right, and the g-forces are in the bottom left.

Next is the Optimum maneuvering speed which is in the range of 310-315, However the sweet spot is 313knots. (In reverse rudder maneuvers 315-319 are better than 313. However be sure to not go over 320 as it will start causing a speed-fail slow turn.) It is important to note that the jet will attempt to maintain cruising speed in the 340s at all times. This means that even without any input from the pilot, the jet will speed up to around 330s and 340s < This is Bad. Having said that you need to become efficient at "tap braking" simply meaning that you tap the bake when flying horizontally in such a way that you speed is maintained in the 310-315 range as you counter the jets natural acceleration.

Speed management is crucial. You need to be aware how your jet is being affected by gravity at all times to master your speed control. Going up = increase speed (afterburner). Going down = decrease speed (brake). Remember to factor in how long your going to be fighting gravity, and in what way, in your maneuvers. Some maneuvers require less acceleration to fight gravity and less braking as well, such as the diagonal loop. (One way of mastering your speed on Xbox is by equipping guided missile and switching to third person view. Your speed is displayed in the bottom left of the guided missile view and the G's in the bottom middle. The camera doesn't experience that turbulence stuff and you can accurately observe your speed control throughout your different maneuvers. When done properly my looping speed control gives me at lowest 308 and at highest 314 throughout the loop.) Here is a video of the top PS3 pilot haimelik and his speed control which is almost identical to mine nowadays. This is a basic tutorial by nucthewhalemann (great for Xbox pilots)

Horizontal turns. These are best when gaining slight altitude consistently throughout your "circle jerk". When sustaining altitude in a circle jerk your jet will only experience 9.6-10 g-forces or "G's" while when consistently gaining altitude in your circle jerk your jet will experience 10-10.4 G's, a big difference.

Looping and timing. When looping imagine your plane is going around a clock clockwise. When coming down from your loop to start your next one hold the throttle down (not the afterburner) starting at 5:30 - 5:45 going clockwise on a clock, so basically just before your jet has leveled out you want to start accelerating into your next loop and hold the throttle down until you reach about 11:30 - 12:00. While doing this you want to tap the afterburner on and off the first time being at 9:00 exactly (when your jet is at a 90 degree angle towards the sky) and tap it back off just after (probably by 10:00, The second afterburner comes in at about 11:30 and is off by 12:00 where shortly after you will begin tap braking to maintain your speed in a descent (starting around 2:00). This "5:30 acceleration" as i call it, is a timing mechanism that applies to every single descent into an ascent your jet encounters. Doing all this correctly will allow you to experience 11 G's Plus in you loops and maneuvers. Remember that use can use the brake to tap your afterburner off if you are mistakenly leaving it on. Having said all this please understand that pure G's are nothing without proper speed control and vice versa. Having one without the other is not ideal so if every time you get high G's you lose your speed and you can't seem to fix it or maybe your not consistent enough then it's better to focus on your speeds. But like I said, you want both and if this timing mechanism isn't working out for you then just find whatever works for you to maintain your speeds at a consistent 308-315. Keeping trying different methods of speed control until you get the best result for yourself.

Switches. Switches are quick changes in direction that your jet is traveling in an attempt to shake your opponent a little if not completely lose them. These are best done with ECM jammer and while the jammer may leave a trail of smoke to follow they may not have seen your switch in time due to the smoke giving you more breathing room and giving them less time with line of sight on your jet, This opens new possibilities for you to pull more effective switches when out of your opponents line of sight. Study the radar and see when your opponent is heading one way so that you can turn into them and break line of sight even faster leaving you free to so much as jam again and be unpredictable for a few seconds. Make sure your switches are quick and decisive. Don't make any unnecessary forward progress allowing your opponent to line back up with your rear and regain angles on you as this will get you killed fast. The best time to perform a switch is often (but not always) when you hear the SWOOSH of the jet tailing you as it often coincides with their loss of line of sight on you. Remember to use the correct rudder and yaw into your switch to make them as quick as possible. Switches do not always need to be performing by cutting back into your opponent as switching away from your opponent in many situations can work best. The best way to learn good switches is to learn first which ones are bad and get you killed against an unforgiving opponent.

The Rolling Scissors. Scissors are basically consistent, somewhat wide, sliding loops that minimize your forward progress and are very hard to follow with consistent speed making them the favorite defensive maneuver of pilots everywhere. They're harder to explain so I'll instead link a video.
Although not shown in this video the constant input of yaw towards the inside of the long sliding-looping motion will make your scissors much better. After you create separation between you and your opponent start turning into them on radar as often as possible to create an imaginary X on the air radar. {If you would like me to show you proper scissors simply ask me on xbox live)

Rudders. Yawing through the use of your rudders is one of the most important things a pilot must master. Always be aware of how your rudders are effecting the size of your imaginary circle that you create throughout your maneuvers. It all depends on the position of you opponent. As a general guideline try to rudder into your own circle and fly and tight as possible. Become aware of how yaw through rudders effects your jet in terms of altitude as well as doing so will create many angles that you otherwise would not have gotten. Some good use of yaw can be seen in these dogfights.

Cutting. In a nutshell cutting is basically staying on the inside of your opponents maneuvers as best as possible in order to get better angles. So don't directly follow someone, instead follow the inside of their turns (try to best get where they are going FIRST). This takes lots of experience, prediction skill, and good awareness. Good cutting requires the smart use of the yaw. For example: when following an opponent who likes to diagonally loop, point the yaw towards the sky (the opposite direction of the turn) and gain altitude all while maintaining speed and you will slowly gain angles on the enemy (just remember to switch the yaw back to the inside of the turn on the way down to keep the turn tight). The same principle applies for loops and can make loppers very mad. Remember that you can cut your opponents angles on you when on defense by changing your overall altitude in relation to yours thus hindering their line of sight opening up more opportunity's to cut and switch. Watch how Matt uses the yaw to cut and nothing else in this vid.

ECM Jammer. The ecm jammer takes you off radar for five seconds, breaks lock-on's, and deflects incoming enemy heat-seekers and stinger/igla fire when time correctly so that the missiles pass through the chaff clouds and explode. So if an enemy launches a missile at your just after-burn away until you get your jammer back and time it right and no missile will hit you again. No matter what your doing if your opponent jams wait a second and then jam as well, never let them be invisible whilst your visible to them because then your just asking to be out maneuvered. Often times when an opponent jams they are attempting to completely out maneuver you, this break their line of sight on you and allows you to jam just after and switch directions in many cases restarting the fight and rarely putting you behind your enemy.

Out maneuvering your opponent and some hooks.. For straight loops try jamming and using diagonal loops to follow or just do a circle with ecm as your opponent starts their next loop. For Circle jerking you can attempt to gain altitude and come down on top of them (while circling or just jamming and looping up) simply breaking off and going high with jammer works too but i prefer to do a diagonal loop in the opposite direction of the circle and come right on top of their ass. With scissors You can simply follow your opponent up and when they turn to go back down just jam and continue into a diagonal loop giving you distance and many good angles (this is known as a hook) . Yaw helps with a lot of out maneuvering your opponent so practice the hell out of your yaw capability. Lastly there is the art of prediction, but the only one person who can teach you that is yourself through experience. Don't be afraid to turn negatively when you think it my give you a better angle on your opponent, or if you simply want them to pass in front of you, don't count on it solely but don't disregard it either. Here is a video of smashdfeller using a high and low yo-yo to out-maneuver and "hook" his opponent ClearDarkz

Below radar. It keeps you off of radar when flying extremely close to the ground and prevents enemy air vehicles from doing jack to you with their air to air weapons.

Always fight to your advantage and your strengths. If your opponent can't beat or counter your best ability then all that says is that he has practice to do, and of course that you won.

Killing. Practice the crap out of the jet cannon, challenge your self to disable the enemy jet at range even if that means he'll have more time to bail. The better you are with your jets cannon you are, the more damage you'll be able to dish out in dogfight when you only have a slight window of opportunity. Shoot in third person and don't be afraid to spray. Practice the crap out of rocket pods and the guided missile so that you are proficient with both. Hold the brake when spotting targets and going in for strafing runs and then speed out of there to maximize the amount of runs you can do on your targets(don't get greedy for a double kill and crash). Lastly, tell your teammates everything you see from up there as information wins wars.

Unpredictability: This is obviously important but I'm talking about using negative turning to shake opponents, this can work extremely well in conjunction with ecm. However understand that these also need to be quick and decisive and give more forward progress than regular switches giving your opponent more time to re-align with your tail. These moves can work more on some than others and also may yield more success when your opponent is tailing you very closely. An example of an unpredictable move would be what is known as a "Dillon". It is when you ecm jam and fly straight while spiraling positively or negatively, usually upwards or downwards and slam on the brakes to bleed speed and allow your opponent to overshoot you giving you the advantage or simply having him lose his. These moves should only be attempted when you've got nothing else left and are about to get shot down. Unpredictability is also invaluable when flying head on at someone.

Controls. (XBOX PS3 ONLY) I'd recommend using a default or southpaw control scheme over the legacy options simply due to the increased ability to yaw your aircraft. However, having said that if you can't roll and pitch your aircraft in a default or southpaw setting, but you used to be able to, then the problem is likely the controller not you. It is my opinion that legacy controls should only be used by those that have old controllers that cannot work with the default or southpaw settings. Lastly I'd recommend changing your buttons to lefty, or whatever scheme that would allow you to better fire your cannon and brake at the same time.

Hornet vs Flanker: Is one better than the other? Yes, the Hornet is better than the Flanker in bf3 but only ever so slightly. By my tests i averaged somewhere in the ballpark of .2 or so more G's in a hornet than the flanker, an almost inconsequential difference. However try to argue that difference not mattering after your opponents been pulling .2 more G's on average than you, due to no fault of your own, for 5 minutes straight. The technical stuff aside just practice more in the flanker than in the hornet and you'll love the results.

That about does it. Fan the platoon for others to see. Applying for the Platoon has been disabled and i don't generally practice with new pilots anymore.
It never hurt anyone to send me a thank you message on xbox live.

My gamertag is on my profile.
Edit: I'm on PC now and can help PC pilots as well.

The battlefield needs more angles dancing in the sky.

Below is a list of pilots on Xbox which I have made in response to older pilots arguing who was or was not, and who is or is not a good previous or current pilot. This list is meant as a way of celebrating the level of skill achieved by these players during their respective times spent on bf3. Respect to all these names, to those still gaining altitude in the Xbox dogfighting community, and to all those just taking off.

X360 Dogfighters in no order (NO ORDER AT ALL): JediAIchemist, xBEARSKILLSx, FruitCreamsicle, Juleszszszszszsz, tko916, nibbles, flyinpuma, SC Erkann, TheArchnoob, Em Wee Z, Daddy Hulk Z, EpsilonKuligan, l Mentu l, Infamous Said, MrDrSirDallas, Mopar Matthew, XxBabykilllax, bratty2k7, NUCtheWHALEmann, Win Daily, the baxta 1, Chidori457, xSoGx iZ, xBRx xTACTICSx, Silent Ph3NoM, XxGetBuck123, Severed Dreams, styX Equin0X, RykozaX, NO SKILSS, Sypher P, LEPER MESSIAH 0, African Unicorns, CENO8ITES, Cr33p1ng, Epsilon2easy, Lydian7lc, McDili, Dev1ous, Tequim, TBK x Saif, TroJan Danger, TroJan HoRNeT, InFamouS Ankou, f3427h3f02s4k3n / f34r7h3f0rs4k3n, thedayisdark, A Scared Boy, xiPr0x Valor, King0fVengence, I Magnus 789 I, BalancedBuffalo, xIIBeeastIIx, Its DesktopFldr, LoaderRecoil, XInfamousXNinja / Ryu The ill, PUrPLeBoOgIEmON, bVll rVsher, Makn History, BeWaRee, PaYn3 PiLL, Le Blahhh, DaCisGooD, X8 AlphaWolf 8X, Lifeforces, xFEx Regicide, MrChefKoch, AtlasJackal, AnarchYxSpectre, Dogcan, AnarchYxChaoz, SootyHobgoblin9, lllSpirelll, GRiiM IReAPeIR, maddawg07, BIRTHDAYFACE046, Mark 1157, PROpHeT XER0, l N0 PARKING l, xHousePlayerx, SirLastman, AlizarinFox, lukarikate2, xTHE TORTUREDx, d0mination1, StressedLILNICK, Blindfolded, xXReLDaMXx, AV Korrupted, AV Finetix, AV Biggums, WHITE CANDY VAN, IxSkittleZzIx, Peters Icecream, MiTCHtheeBEAST, piikeyz, Style ArTz.

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