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Platoon Presentation

You have to be sexy on the battlefield, battlelog and real life. If you think you're sexy feel free to apply. We have high standards, being sexy isn't something you earn, its something you're born with.

We are super sexy at battle reporting.
We don't play competitively, we play for fun.
We have sex competitively.

Only clan ever to go 4 and 0 in 12 vs 12 without using 12 players. It was a short lived fun time.

Wars played:
4-0 vs HUGS
2-0 (2-2) vs reGeneration- game just for fun between both clans
3-1 vs HUGS
4-0 vs DKA made them disband from a true GnG fanboy

Overall W/D/L: 4-0-0

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