Dice VS Zombies
Tag: [DvsZ] Fans: 12 Created: 2012-12-17

Platoon Presentation

This platoon is still in work bat we got some more info.

This platoon is not ready bat its gane be testet when we can. DICE approved and DICE devs are gane play this.

Server info:
The server is gane be squad deathmatch and on Hardcore mode.

Next Event:
Comeing Soon.

1) You have to use the DvsZ. clan tag or you are Kicked.

2) Dont spam for longer or more Events.

3) The Zombies are only allowed to use Knifes and if a dev/EA member is on the Dice only weapons.

4) Dice devs/EA members are Allowed to use what ever weapon thay wanna.

5) If you knife a Dice 1 time in the Event then you are Banned.

6) If you Join agen after we have kicked you are you banned.After the Event then you are Unbanned.

7)Its not Allowed to use T-UGS,MAV,XBOW,ammo pack,C4,SMAW/RPG,M320,M26,Mortar,M18 claymore.

8) you are only allowed to use Squad sprnt and mebic packs and Defibrillators.

9) If you dont follow the rules then you are kicked from the platoon.

10)The leaders in the platoon are admins on the server.

Hope you are gane Enjoy the Events that we gane have sometimes so Look for Updates on here.

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