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Welcome to UKM the multi gaming clan.

Clan Rules
We have always had strict rules about members being part of another clan, This is not aloud.
All Clan Members should wear the UKM Tag at all times.
Any member seen removing the clan tag or wearing any other Clan Tag, No matter what game it is, will be told to leave.

BF3 Server Rules
No jets allowed at any time. No vehicle stealing from enemy base. No base attacking and camping in base. Play in squad & don't lock squad. If admin says no helicopter then helicopter not permitted until admin allows. Please show respect to all players at all times. If you run back to the base, it is not a base rape. No Fire into or from base. No fire from Red Zone. None members may be kicked if an admin joins during full server. We will not accept any Abuse from Anyone.

All of our Clan Members will be wearing the "UKM" Tag, so if you need any help while on our Servers Just ask.

Discord Rules
be friendly to other users, no racist names or comments .no advertising other gaming clans or servers.
no excessive spamming, any questions ask an admin.

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BF3 server tracker

Before asking to join UKM - you should read all of our rules.
you should have a working mic and be a regular on our Servers & Discord. You should take the time to get to know us.
First, we will need to know a little bit about you, nothing too personal, just the basics. your name, age, gaming name, games you play, did a member recommend us? If so, who?. Tell us about any other clans you have been part of in the past. After you've made your application, please do not keep asking about when you can start your Trial, as this will not speed things up, it is more likely to annoy the Admins. There is no fixed time period for the recruitment process, so if you really want to join UKMessy you won't mind waiting. You can E-Mail your application to

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