The Great Tower Cult
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The high priests of the Tower bid you welcome to the Cult of The Mighty Caspian Tower!

where demented individuals can join together and rid The Master of the L33t Sniperz infestation that plagues his Royal Person whilst stacking kills against the mere Mortals that dare enter the Realm of the Tower.

The Mighty CaspianTower is the Greatest, Loftiest, Most Powerful, Feared and, yet the Best loved & Respected Tower in all of Battlefield 3. It smashes Jets and Helicopters that fly too close to it, and crushes Infantry and Tanks at will!

the Majestic Caspian Tower has an unquenchable hatred of the vermin snipers who dare to infest the Royal person from time to time; come and join us & show your support by clearing our Master of the Sniper Vermin infestations !

CaspianTower crushing / blessings rituals every other map in our server.
we ask that you allow the Faithful practice their Cult Rituals; when you see them break-off combat at the cue of 25 tickets left, and position themselves under the Tower, we ask that you leave them alone; they're just having a rapturous moment awaiting blissful union with their Master, as The Royal Person comes crashing on-top of them, fulfilling the promise of transcendence.

Here's an example of a lucky true believer achieving blissful union with The Master:

Loyal acolyte performs the Rite and is Blessed by the Master:

Server: PS3: none at this time

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