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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the PS3 division of WarDogs.
The founder of this division is WaRDog-Elkady. 

Requirements to join and remain an active member: 
-Need a mic, though this may be discussed with one of the leaders if you currently don't have one. 
-Sense of Humor and healthy/fun attitude towards the game and other members. 
-Must be active and join other members whether they invite you to join them, or inviting them to parties. 
-Must PTFO (Play the F******* Objective) 
-Make sure you aren't stats obsessive. 
-Once you become a member, you must wear the WaR clantag. (This can be done through "edit profile," under "profile" in Battlelog.)
-Recruits must be skilled in combat of any sort along with communication. 
-If you know your are going to be inactive for more than a few days, let us know. We don't need to know why you are, but just give us the heads up. Can be told on battlelog or in-game to another member.
-Register on forums, become a fan on Battlelog and be active both in-game and on the forums. (When you have time)
-When you sign up on the forums, please make a reply below stating the username that you have used in signing up, so that your account may be activated by admins.

Thanks! Be sure to become a fan, and feel free to apply!
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