King Conqueror
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Platoon Presentation

We are King Conqueror.

Elite platoon ready to take on any battle that comes our way. We are dedicated, battlefield 3 players that show no mercy on the battlefield. Coming straight from the USA.


If you are interested in applying for this team you must first:

- Have a battlelog account

- Have a working microphone (mic)

- Have been playing Battlefield 3 long enough to know how to rule the battlefield. (in other words) we won't accept you if you're not familiarized with the battlefield controls, maps, and weapons.

-WORK AS A TEAM. No one man army in this platoon, we work as a team and communicate with each other on the battlefield.

- RESPECT THE BATTLEFIELD. No hating on other platoons, sending hate mail, exchanging foul language against both team mates and other players on the battlefield.


- Have fun, remember that this team is created not only to own battlefield 3, but to have fun doing it!


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