BF3 Jet 1v1 Tourney
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Platoon Presentation

This is a platoon for all the people participating in the 64 person jet 1v1 bracket on fraggednation. The purpose of this platoon is to communicate with the pilots in the tournament.
The tournament is at this location:!/f78a1aed8c815

The tournament has started! To begin competing in your matches, message the guy you are up against and set up a time for your match. Then report your results here on the platoon page (BOTH PILOTS MUST CONFIRM).

If anybody would like to film their dogfights and put them on the bf3xboxdogfights channel or if you would like someone to film your dogfights, let MrPhantom31 know. That youtube channel is here:

I will definitely stream or record the last couple rounds (semifinal and final).

If you have any trouble contacting your opponent, contact MrPhantom31 (GT: LEPER MESSIAH 0)
and I will help you figure it out.

*Not open to new joiners, tournament has already begun*

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