T28 Imba Tiger Samurai
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Platoon Presentation

Only 25 worthy men may earn the title of Samurai in this platoon! I will add a red skull for every new Samurai we have!

** You may choose what color your skull is, mainly because Fyre totally spoilt that market when he requested for it. Any color except white (and don't ask for light gray either) **

ANYONE can apply!

We are the most powerful, competitive, unbalanced , mentally unstable, round-house kicking clan in the entire universe, and in the universe outside our universe!

Samurai Conditions:

Must embrace Bushido

SPM Above 800

Owns people, KD above 2 (3 is better)

Current Samurai's:

1) SuperFriendlyEgg
2) Taenoob (Jet Legend)
3) DoughnutRolling
4) PixelGurl
5) MykeLitoriss
6) Cronic7
7) Gahmen
9) PenileDamage
10) Sparta-SG
11) Extallion
12) YuRi_PredatAR
13) Ti_M0M0
14) Killerpro1337
15) Synarchy-Fyre
16) idoli-zZz
17) uselessAA
18) Leynar
19) nIGhtSteRz
20) Thon33
21) DoughnutTrolling
22) Herlock_16
23) thetarget (ISRB Shogun)
24) r0ck3tdud3
25) Germinativum
26) smallbearxez
27) DibThroat
28) XiaoPigs

Our platoon emblem:

The blue arm represents our might, it has a white lion inside to show our purity and that we fight for good.

The red arm represents our vitality, and the black shield means that nothing gets through our guard

The inner fire is our zeal, the red eagle, shows that we rise above all challenges.

The orange bullets shows that we are backed by tonnes of ammunition.

The yellow hexagon represents our variety (many sides), but yet on the inside it is round, because we are united.

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