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Platoon Presentation

Salute all you soldiers out there.

It's just ok if you come on teamspeak and our servers.

We are proudly sponosred by GamersPlatoon Organization which is an international Gaming Community.


Havoc Gaming are currently taking in fresh recruits. We are a Social & Friendly Gaming Community.
We are a multigaming and are up for about everything.
We are currently only taking in 15+ and if they arent mature we have to kick or "let them go".


* We dont care about your K/D or W/L, that dosent show how good you are. (Mostly depends on the team)
* We have a kinda low age requirment: 15+.
* You can join us without a mic, but it's a + with one.
* Should be able to laugh and have fun but also can be serious when it's needed.


VOIP Software/Servers.

We use a 1000 slots Teamspeak server for 100% Teamwork and fun.


* 16 Slots TDM server

We currently have more upcoming servers.

We have a sponsorship at got access to 30+ servers.




(Apply and we will accept you to join us and a member will make sure to contact you)

Steam Group:


(Will be updated)

Youtube Channel:




We got several other game servers coming up.

We are the home of the brave, we take no prisoners.

How we play:

We always try to 100% to keep our soldiers alive. If a fellow soldier is downed on the street, bullets flying around him. We give supressing fire to aid our fallen comrade and get him back of his feet. We wont leave you behind. We train how to secure building.

We arent always that serious bit, sometimes we feel playful so we do some knife fighting, flying practices and pure playing around on our servers. Go public and just play to kick some ass.

Movies, Youtube:

We make movies from our gameplays to be able to review them and laugh at the great moments we have had and will have.

Our members:

We make sure that everyone is ok and that they enjoy being in the community. We dont allow any herassing of other members

I will come with more info soon.


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