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Platoon Presentation

Looking for a group of guys going for the win? Then this platoon is for you! L.A Gaming Society started back in 2009 during the MW2 period. Yes! we do have fun and joke around, but when the game takes a serious turn you bet your chicken we will turn it back around! Go ahead and apply! It won't hurt!
Try to wear the [LAGS] tags as much as you can but it is not mandatory. The game has changed so at this time [LAGS] is a community platoon. Which means that this clan will not be doing scrims or any competitive gaming of any sort.
[LAGS] Hall of Famers:
SuperTomCatt: Decided that being in a clan was too mainstream.
Artytwist: Went on to join a real clan full of Juggalos.
Rusty: Built a BF3 empire full of Super Pros.
Tequiz and Salesmerch: Silently jump around like ninjas as a hobby.
Jetlife: Got 100 Service stars for the Little-bird and is now an ok jet pilot.
SasukeSux: Restarted watching the Naruto series and is calling his Backyard the Leaf Village where he trains with Nerf Guns and Slinkys.
TornadoTwist: Went on to marry his brother. Dude was gay.

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