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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to Team Max!
Welcome to the BEAST!!! ARMY!!!
This platoon is only for PC, and is Team works for the win on the game and for fun also your skill. To be a Team Max members, you must not allow to fight other member, need to work as a team or clan to wins the rounds.
players who will use swearwords to hurt or insult other members will be kicked. Please respect other members also were not taking people who have less than a 0.9 K/D make sure that you will increase it and try again.
If a guy on the clan need support in a match please do your best to help him be loyalty to each other.

Make sure you know some English :) Also hebrew for TmaxWings :D

Join NOW !, for more XP in your game... Level up FAST!

If have some clans BATTLE, I will let other member know. If any problem let us know and I will do my BEST to help you.

We are Team Max
We are the legion
We do not forget
We do not forgives
Expect us!
Victory is our Reward ! for the all the blood we spill !!

TMAX winning round speech: we are TMAX because we always push to the MAX to see how far we can get!!!

Caution: This is SPARTA!

Remember TMAX on the up coming Battlefield Bad Company 3 >:D
TMAX top veterans members:
1.TmaX_CN_Oscar- No recoil god aim as all the TMAX members nickname him the HUMAN AIMBOT !
2.TmaxWings- Jet Whore slaying mortals every day <3
3.psychokiller217 m416 Aim God awesome handling and timing <3
4.IIIZiPIII- ulitmate tanker no one fucks with him when it come to CANNON ! <3


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