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[iAC.] Infiltrate. Annihilate. Conquer.

Competitive clan/platoon currently "in-the-making." Apply to join if you think you're right for us. We like it fast and hard, just like your girlfriend does. ^,..,^ If you camp non-stop or can't get a kill without a vehicle, we don't want you scrub. Conquest is the bee's knees, but we're open to any game style. Also open to ANY and ALL challenges. We don't quit or give up even in the face of defeat. Strategy and persistence wins games. Not who has quicker reaction time, but who doesn't need to react. We've already thought 10 moves ahead of you. Be unpredictable. Work with your team. Sportsmanship is a must. Show respect to the opposing team and HAVE FUN!

group of friends that just like to play with each other. dont take that wrong... no sole leader. we are all leaders. no dictatorships here. make sure to add everyone in the platoon on psn. add me duggan22 and everone else on battlelog also.

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