Unusual Suspects
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Team Unusual Suspects Community Clan

This is the official community of the Unusual Suspects!
We will be having a community nights and filling up our server to play with our friends!

Join us any time on our Team Speak 3 server:
Feel free to use this server to play with your friends and other members any time.

Unusual Suspects Community Server:

Every member of the community and every competitive team we play against is on the reserved slot list! This means that there will always be solid competition to play against and we will all improve together. If the server is empty feel to hop in and invite your friends as it will populate rather quickly!

Have questions, comments or ideas? Join us on our website: http://www.team-us.net
We check the forums daily!

Become a fan of our competitive team:


-CGL 4v4 Squad Rush Champions
-Runner-Up PSG 5v5 Conquest Domination

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