The A Team
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Platoon Presentation

One Platoon. One Specialization. We are United.

Each of you has a certain specialization that you have become highly skilled in. Become a part of The A Team and post you favourite specialization and number of kills. It must be only the SINGLE BEST skill you have.

Can't find a decent server? Need to dominate? Let's do it together as a team. It's all for the love in this platoon (except the gay type- keep that shit to urself). Just choose from the list of Platoon members and their specialization and connect with them to a server. Now you will always have backup and a more enjoyable Battlefield 3 gaming experience; with players that will be kind to help with a skill you may need help with.

Platoon Tag is optional. Wear it with pride. More than one player can have the same specialization.
In battle,

Current (example) Lineup:

Devilsbreed3 -------------QBU-88


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