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Platoon Presentation

This is the 1ST MARINE CORP BOOTCAMP. We are looking for loyal members that want to play together. I don't care what your rank is. Im looking at how you work with a squad. Do you stay with your squad? Do you pay attention to what class you are versus what your squad's class is? Not really looking for camping SNIPERS. Solid infantry needed mostly. Need members to play the objectives.

Once your Kill death ratio is a 1.0 or higher, you qualify to join 1MC, change your tags & participate in 1MC Clan matches. I watch closely & keep track of all stats for every 1MC & 1MCB.
Until then Marine, we want to see you joining the fight & training under our veteran 1MC members.
Do your best & please act like adult.

You are expected to wear your [1MCB] tags at all times.

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