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Tag: [KRTR] Fans: 42 Created: 2012-08-11

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Anyone can apply to the Knights of Round Table Recruit page. We are not a stat based clan. If you can work together as a team and communicate well, feel free to apply.

If you are accepted to the recruit platoon you must wear KRTR as your clan tag. After a period of running with the current members, the leaders will vote and you will be accepted into KRT or asked to remain as a recruit for an additional period of time.

Add the KRT leaders as friends on PSN so that we can run with you so when it comes time to vote we have a good idea of how you play.

Things we are looking for to move up to the main page
1. Must wear KRTR tags only if you want to be moved to main clan
2. Must work together as a team
3. Communicate as often as possible
4. MUST be active on battlelog
6. Obey rules of any server that you play on.
7. Do not quit on your fellow knights during a match, if you feel that you need to quit wait until after the match unless an emergencies


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