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Platoon Presentation

Is your friends list full? Yeah ours too - so lets find a better way to share information! Join up!

This platoon is for Video editors, Creators, Actors, or any one that's looking for information on anything creative. Want to be in a video? From time to time we might ask this community to star in PS3 Cinematic videos/Manchinima whatever.....so keep your eyes and ears open!

With the recent flux of videos we want to be a source of info. Lets help each other grow and make great videos, content, PS3 themes, artwork, whatever. Just a place to share videos, links, get honest feedback while in the creation process, whatever...the community will define what this becomes from what it needs!

Join up, let us know what programs you use - we can have a nice community help/improvement home here!

Our Web Site: http://1080pixelgaming.com/
Our Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/1080Pixelgaming
Our Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/1080pixelgaming
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/1080PixelGaming

Officially supported Channels + Contributors

Programs we currently have support for
Adobe CS6: Premier Pro (Butcher)
Adobe CS6: After Effects (Butcher - hack)
Adobe CS6: Photoshop (FfC-Ravenous/Butcher)
Adobe CS6: Audition (Butcher)
Sony Vegas Pro (CRYSiiS2, Saints929Gaming)
Power Director 9 (Butcher)
Archsoft (Saints929Gaming, Butcher)
Adobe Premiere Elements 9 (dsmgb)
Mixcraft 6 (dsmgb)
Game Capture HD (dsmgb)
Corel (Ponylion)

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