Snipers in Suits
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Welcome to Sniping in Suits, where all affairs are covert, and all occasions are formal.

But let me be clear on just a few things:
-This is a casual platoon. That means no requirements, other than to proudly wear the CVRT tags (unless otherwise specified with Z9-X5), and to play hard, and play fair.
-Clan matches will most likely not be set up by Z9. Any member may arrange a match with another platoon, and any member may sign up to play in that match until the slots are full. The means by which people sign up are up to those who create the match.
-I (Z9-X5) may be on frequently, or may not be on for a few weeks. This means I count on all of you to help run this platoon when I am not available. Those interested in a leadership position should contact me and details will be further specified. I WILL BE IN NEED OF LEADERS IN THE NEAR FUTURE.
-Anyone can help recruit new soldiers as this is a growing platoon. In fact all are ENCOURAGED to do so. If you are interested in a recruitment template, Z9 can assist you with that.
-No special Camo's nor weapons have to be used as a member of this platoon.
-Upon joining PLEASE invite your friends.
-You don't have to be a premium player, but I feel that all members will enjoy being a part of the Suits a little more if they are.
-Friend Z9, the other leaders, and other members, on here, and preferably on PSN.
-If you have any other questions, please contact myself, Z9, or any other leaders, that is, once we get any.

Again, thanks for your support, and stay CVRT!

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