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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is for jet or chopper pilots. The people we recruit can be of all skill levels, as long as they're encouraged enough. So if you're just a beginning jet pilot with only 10 kills, you can still join and train with us, as long as you show that you really want to train in flying. The same goes for chopper pilots.

For the more experienced pilots, you can be asked to join in a (clan)battle at any time.


1. Fly at 300-320 speed, preferably 313.
This is the speed at which your aircraft will turn the very fastest. When trying advanced maneuvers, the best way to fly is in 3rd person, so make sure you master speed control.

2. Fly with the correct set-up
Obviously, you fly best the way you prefer your set-up. But we recommend using:
- Air Radar
- Rocket Pods
- ECM Jammer

Air radar is essential because it gives you an orientation of what an enemy airplane/chopper is doing.
Rocket pods are useful because it's the best way to eliminate ground troops, because it can be used at long range and reloaded quickly.
ECM Jammer is often used instead of flares because it also makes you invisible on the enemy radar. It also blinds your enemy when he's shooting directly at your six.

3. Key Bindings
This again is all personal prefference, but there is one essential setting. You MUST have a KEY bound to pitch up. We recommend removing the FIRE function from the SPACEBAR, and instead binding the PITCH UP to the SPACEBAR. Now you'll be able to turn using your mouse, but also by simply holding a key down.

4. Third-Person flying
Be sure you master speed control in third-person, being able to make vertical, diagonal and horizontal curves without having to stay in the cockpit view is essential for advanced moves.


1. High Yo-Yo [OFFENSIVE]
Used to get closer to an enemy's tail during horizontal dogfight.
During a horizontal dogfight, you might find yourself unable to get a shot on your enemy's six. In that case, pull up (maintaining the turning), and pull down, getting your enemy in your crosshairs. The low yo-yo is the same maneuver, except that the defender must dive instead of pull up.

2. Switching [DEFENSIVE]
Confuses enemy into potentially losing your six.
In a dogfight, you sometimes know the enemy can hit your tail at any moment because he's on your six. When the enemy passes, switch either 180 or 90 degrees to any side, and continue the dogfight. Do this every time the enemy jet passes you until you're even again.

3. Rolling Scissors [DEFENSIVE]
Used to get behind an enemy's six, even though that enemy is already on your six.
When an enemy is on your tail, pull to any direction. On your air radar, when the enemy turns too, turn to the opposite direction. Any time the enemy is about to turn to your direction, you turn to the opposite. Beware, this maneuver is one of the hardest moves out there.

4. Cutting and Counter-Cutting [OFFENSIVE(DEFENSIVE)]
Used to get closer to an enemy's tail during vertical dogfight.
Cutting is the same as a high yo-yo, but then inverted. In a vertical dogfight, you break horizontally maintaining the curve. Then, you fall back into the vertical dogfight in a perfect angle. Counter-cutting is done when the enemy notices (or expects) your cut maneuver. The enemy would then make the same move, neutralising your cut. Thus, recommended is to use the ECM jammer when performing a cut maneuver.

5. Dodging locks [DEFENSIVE]
Methods used to avoid being locked on.
1 - When being locked by a chopper, fly vertical, above the chopper. The chopper pilot will be unable to pitch its nose up far enough to lock onto you, and inexperienced chopper pilots tend to crash into the ground.
2- Keep a low profile when beinglocked. Ground and obstacles (trees/buildings) will make it harder for the enemy to lock onto you.

6. Dodging AA missiles [DEFENSIVE]
These methods can save your life when flares/ECM are no option.
- Fly straight towards the missile, but with aiming about 15 degrees down. The missile will miss.
- Fly low to the ground, make curves around as many obstacles as possible. The missile might hit the ground/obstacle.
- If you know a missile had been fired a long distance from you, fly away from the missile at full speed until your flares/ECM has restored. When you pop ECM, fly in the direction of the missile.

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