One Of My Friends
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One Of My Friends-OOMF

"We believe in the quality of a few,
out-weighs the quantity of many."

≥Try not going rogue when your team is together on an objective. Sometimes it happens but not constantly.
≥Snipers are not required to be as aggressive but effective for spotting enemies for the ones that are moving on the objective.
≥On rush maps we like to secure the area before setting the objective.
≥Respect is earned and true colors will always come to the light. Be A TEAM-PLAYER
≥ We don't always like a bunch of irrelevant line chatter so don't be that one motor mouth that won't shut up.
Most of all "HAVE YOU BUDDIES BACK" thats the number one recommendation and the win will come naturally.
If you get smart and lippy for no reason only. you will be dealt with swiftly.

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