-S.W.A.T-Special Unit
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About The Clan:
-We Are -S.W.A.T-Special Unit.
[Special Weapons And Tactics]
-We Attack The Enemy-
-We Protect Our Partners-
-We Want Only The Best-
[S.W.A.T]- כשהגלים מתחזקים החזקים מתגלים -
Platoon Forum:

Founder Youtube Website:
Requirements To Join:

1. Must Be At Least 14+ Years Of Age
2. Must Have A Rank 45+
3. Must Be Online In-Game Daily
4. Must Be On Website(Battlelog & Clan Fourm)
5. No Glitching Or Cheating Of Any Kind
6. Must Respect Clan Leaders & Members And Follow The Chain Of Command

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