Thug Life
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#1 on Fragged Nation 5v5 conquest ladder, Season 2.
Semi-finalist on Fragged Nation 5v5 conquest Play-offs, Season 2.


We play 5v5.

Recrutamento [OFF]

[ 6 - 1 ]
ThugLife 2-0 Phalanx Competitive [win] FN
ThugLife 2-0 HonorBR [win] FN
ThugLife 2-0 Safe Line [win] FN
ThugLife 2-1 InVictuS [win] FN
ThugLife 2-0 Soldiers Hell [win] FN
ThugLife 2-0 haSHshaShiN* [win] FN
ThugLife 0-2 Damaged Dogs [lost] FN

Theme song:
Eso en cuatro no se ve (original)


*********** We just play in EAST US servers ***********

You can challenge us at any time.
We can play everyday between 2:00pm EST and 9:00pm EST.

Contact for training and CWs:
- Sky___HunTeeR
- WagnerAlfaro7
- AbaddoN-BR

Did not play more in BF3

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