Group 935
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Platoon Presentation

Hello and welcome to the Group 935,

Our objective is to discover all the nooks and crannies of the Battlefield series, then exploit them to the fullest. These "nooks and crannies" include, but are not limited to:
- Easter Eggs
- Weapon/Equipment Efficiency
- Vantage Points
- Anti-vehicle Tactics
- Et cetera

Our group is strictly for research. We are not concerned with your efficiency on the battlefield, but rather your contributions to our cause. Knowledge is power.

We are not a group of many rules, but the following behaviors are forbidden and are HEAVILY enforced against:

- Espionage
- Malicious Trolling
- Insubordination

These behaviors are UNACCEPTABLE by any means and will be dealt with in a swift, yet relentless, manner. Any violations of the 3 Forbidden Behaviors will result in immediate banishment and persistent blacklist amongst us and our allies.

If you do not violate the 3 Forbidden Behaviors and contribute to our cause, you shall be treated with utmost respect and prestige.

The ranks are as follows:

- Supreme Leader (Corrieri)
- Senior Officer (1) (Cmasonw0700)
- Officer (3)
- Section Leader (5)
- Operative (∞)

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