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Platoon Presentation

Representing M!LF Sri Lankans


1. Play on our servers and join our Team Speak 3 server on " TS3SNG01.TrinityGames.com:9992 "

2. We will check your stats and performance regularly and if you perform great we will not draft you to our elite platoon. Because theirs no elite platoon.

Team Speak 3: TS3SNG01.TrinityGames.com:9992

Ten Battle Commandments
I. Thou shalt value gameplay before graphics.
II.Thou shalt not make thyself a fanboy of any platform.
III. Thou shalt not take a game in vain; thou shalt not ragequit or blame lag.
IV. Remember the classics, to keep them holy.
V. Honour thy keyboard, thy controller, and thy mouse.
VI. Thou shalt not teamkill.
VII. Thou shalt not hack, aimbot or exploit for victory.
VIII. Thou shalt not killsteal.
IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy opponent.
X. Thou shalt not QQ; thou shalt pew-pew and GG.

Enjoy your stay Soldier
Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust

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