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Welcome to DICE][Gaming! The Best Game Server since 2010!

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New: Rank the Player

DICE PRAVITE: The Premiere online gaming DICE Server for mature gamers of all ages.
Our selection of in game maps are some of the best known on the Web for its high quality team play!!!

Gaming Rules on Our servers:

All players must actively participate in a squad.

Please: be kind to all members, stay strong, value each other and be matureworth all the Memebers very value stay strong and mature show up

Please remain calm and no abusive behaviour. Any problems please let admin know to handle it. We Help to you!

* Sign up to join: * Mature game players needed!!!Board Moderators also needed

Do you need more players/traffic on your server? Let me help!

Please play responsibly and enjoy and have fun with EA Games: BF 3- || -BF 4

From: King||X||Elite

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