iииєr darkиєss™
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Platoon Presentation


Welcome to iииєr darkиєss™

A platoon mainly for the active BF3 player.

We are a gaming community and we welcome players from around the world. We work as a team first, squad second and never independent of one another. We use whatever weapons and tactics to win the game. We play the objective and nothing short of teamwork to complete our mission. We are more than just a clan, we believe that making friends is what makes social gaming and online gaming so much fun

/////// Recruitment \\\\\\\\

*Add the founder and leaders to your friends list when you apply!!!!!!

///////////// Rules \\\\\\\\\\\\\\
1. Be able to think outside the box
2. Operate as a squad, with the squad and play the objective
3. Have and use a mic (exceptions may be made)
4. Wear the tags [DARK]
5. You must be active on BF3
6. You must be active on Battlelog
7. Be fair and respectful to members

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