Tag: [mAAd] Fans: 17 Created: 2014-08-14

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We love FusioN__DetoXx

Inactive 7-0 (mAAd dunked on all these BF3 Randy clans)
Dunkin' on Scrubs since Day 1 (Literally)

Terry the DICKtator's basic rules:
Know how to play other classes besides assault >:[
Listen to me >:[
Fucking wear the almighty mAAd swag tag during matches >:[
Leave all personal BEEF out this clan or i will get pissed off >:[
Have fun :3

8 Doobies to the Face, Fuck dat
12 Bottles in the Case, Nigga Fuck dat
2 Pills and a Half Weight, Nigga Fuck dat
Got a high tolerance when ur age dont exist

if u listen u will be a leader

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